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Friday December 2nd – Sunday December 4th


Scientific Session December 2 5pm—6pm
Academic Agenda December 3 7am—6pm
Business Session December 4 7am—noon
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Frank Jobe: Forefather of Sports Medicine

A true forefather of American Sports Medicine, Frank Jobe, whose pioneering work preserved the careers of countless baseball players passed away on March 6, 2014 at the age of 88. His innovative spirit, professorial foresight and surgical expertise are epitomized in his revolutionary ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction technique, commonly known as Tommy John surgery. But equally central to Dr. Jobe was his dedication to family, friends, and peers. Dr. Jobe served as Head Team Physician for the Los Angeles Dodgers for an unprecedented forty years. During his tenure, he helped to found the Major League Baseball Team Physicians Association, serving as Secretary and President. His guidance helped to mold our organization and promote the medical care of all professional baseball players. Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig described Dr. Jobe as “revolutionizing sports medicine”. Mr. Selig added “his wisdom elevated not only the Dodgers, the franchise he served proudly for half a century, but all of our clubs. Dr. Jobe’s expertise, as well as enthusiasm to mentor his peers, made the national pastime stronger.”

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The year 2013 brought many advancements for the Major League Baseball Team Physicians Association (MLBTPA) due to the focused efforts of our membership. Areas of progress include player safety, research, and physician relations, communication and education.

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Renowned sports surgeon, Lewis Yocum, who preserved and extended the careers of countless professional baseball players passed away on May 28 at the age of 65. To so many of those who knew him, he was a beloved colleague, a respected mentor, and a loyal friend. Dr. Yocum served as the head team physician for the Los Angeles Angels for 36 years. During that time he played a pivotal role in the development of the Major League Baseball Team Physicians Association serving as a member of the Executive Board, as Vice President, and as President. His initiative, foresight and guidance helped to shape our organization and foster its role in advancing the care of professional baseball players. Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig described Dr. Yocum as “a giant in the field of sports medicine” and “an invaluable resource to not only the Angels franchise but players throughout all of Major League Baseball, team physicians and the members of the Professional Baseball Athletics Trainers Society”. Mr. Selig added, “throughout the last 36 years, the lives and careers of countless players benefited from his pioneering expertise, and he made our game on the field better as a result.”

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